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What are things that a home or business simply cannot function without? At the top of the list are functioning plumbing and HVAC systems. When things go wrong with these, it isn’t just uncomfortable—it is a disaster. But for residents and business owners in Fountain Valley, if things go wrong, there is no need to panic: Orange Coast Plumbing is here to get everything back on track.

In Fountain Valley, Orange Coast Plumbing has been saving the day for homeowners and business owners since 1977. We have seen everything there is to see in plumbing and HVAC problems, and we keep up with the latest technology, ensuring we can handle any issue that comes out way. Our team can provide you with general maintenance to keep your systems running well, repair when things aren’t running so well, and replacement when things cannot be repaired. We also offer installation of new devices and systems. If you are in Fountain Valley, you know who to turn to for your plumbing and HVAC needs.

The Orange Coast Plumbing Advantage

Our team takes great pride in the work we do. And because it is a source of pride for us, and not just a paycheck, we stand behind our work. When you work with us, you enjoy the Orange Coast Plumbing Advantage.

What all is part of this advantage? The first thing is our 24/7 availability. If you call us for help, you do not need to wait until morning to have things fixed; we always have technicians standing by, ready to rush to the scene and get your home or business running as it should. Whether you have a problem at 1 in the afternoon or 1 in the morning, we are ready to jump into action.

To us, our 24/7 service isn’t something we consider to be going above and beyond; we feel that offering you the help you need when you need it is just part of the business. Because we consider this nothing more than good business sense, we do not charge extraordinary fees for overnight service.

Beyond our day and night availability, our business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we embrace technological advancements that allow us to complete jobs faster and less invasively, and we strictly hire professional technicians. When you choose to hire Orange Coast Plumbing, you are hiring the very best in the field.

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Orange Coast Plumbing Services

It is the very nature of buildings that, over time, many things will go wrong. The electric can go on the fritz, locks can break, finishes can start cracking and peeling. And while there are a myriad of potential problems, few are as troubling as issues with your plumbing.

Best case scenario: your plumbing problems causing you discomfort. At worst: they make your property uninhabitable. And if your property is a business rather than a home, these plumbing issues can leave a mark on your reputation.

Plumbing problems are more likely to strike older buildings simply because the plumbing systems in these buildings are also older and most problems develop over time with use. But any building can have problems, whether due to damage or a less-than-professional installation job. The best way for homeowners and business owners to prevent disaster from striking is to schedule regular maintenance.

The Orange Coast Plumbing team can perform regular maintenance that allows them to catch problems as they are developing and before they become a catastrophe. It is up to you how frequently you want to schedule these visits. For most homeowners, once a year is sufficient, but for buildings with higher traffic and more use, twice a year or quarterly checks are recommended. And keep in mind that these checks will do more than catch a problem before it impacts you; they also allow us to fix problems at a stage where the repairs are less costly to you.

If a problem does develop, just call us and we will be on our way. We use advanced tools to detect the source of problems and can offer repairs that are quick and minimally invasive, ensuring that repairing your plumbing doesn’t mean putting life on hold. And there is no plumbing issue we cannot fix. With four decades serving Fountain Valley, we can address any plumbing problem we encounter.

Are there problems we cannot fix? Yes, but not because of a lack of skills or knowhow. Sometimes plumbing systems are so damaged that replacement is the only option we can recommend. But this isn’t the chaotic scene it once was. Thanks to new technologies, we can replace entire plumbing systems without tearing up your home or business. As for smaller replacements, such as individual parts, we usually have all items needed on hand, allowing us to complete the job quickly and get you back to life as usual.

Orange Coast HVAC Services

What does the world think of when imagining Southern California? Beyond Hollywood stars and incredible beaches, they picture a perfectly mild climate, warm enough to feel toasty but not enough to make you sweat. But actual residents know this isn’t always true. Because of this, Fountain Valley residents and business owners use HVAC systems to ward off the cold in the winter and beat the heat in the summer. Orange Coast Plumbing are HVAC experts, and we are the team to turn to.

In Fountain Valley, there are many different types of HVAC systems in use, and even the simplest system is complex, leaving you with hundreds, even thousands, of things that can go wrong. Because there is such potential for things to go wrong, the best way to keep your HVAC system healthy is through regular maintenance. Your HVAC system is key to your health and your comfort, but it is also a very large investment, one you need to protect.

Our HVAC services are designed to do more than simply catch problems before they get bad; it also focuses on tuning the system so it is functioning at its best. Not only will we be able to offer cheaper fixes, but you will be able to feel the difference in the air of your home or business. Plus, if your system is at its best, your energy bills will be lower. We recommend maintenance service 1-2 times a year.

If a problem does occur, we can head right on over to fix it. We can repair most HVAC parts within an hour or two. If replacement is needed, we should have the part on hand, and if not, we can get it quickly.

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Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation

In addition to our maintenance, repair, and replacement services for plumbing and HVAC systems, we can also help you with your construction projects. We can install these systems in new construction, reroute them for remodeling, and replace them for renovation. We would love to be part of your next project in Fountain Valley.

Choose Orange Coast Plumbing

Although our home base is in Santa Ana, we have been working in Fountain Valley for decades, and many of our technicians are Fountain Valley residents themselves. We take pride in serving this wonderful community and we believe that the quality services we offer help to make it even better. Since 1977, we have been the best choice in plumbing and HVAC service for Fountain Valley residents. Call us today to see for yourself the excellent service we offer.

Contact us with any questions or concerns about plumbing in Fountain Valley – or HVAC-related repair, maintenance, upgrades, or remodeling. We guarantee your satisfaction.