Can’t decide if there’s a problem? Need to know what’s an emergency or not a big deal? The Orange Coast Plumbing blog helps you decode leading plumbing problems and air conditioning issues.

Broken plumbing pipe underground

You’ve heard the horror stories about the expense and inconvenience associated with a collapsed plumbing pipe. They can lead to various issues, like drainage problems, water pollution, and a decline in water quality in general. To determine your risks for a pipe collapse, it helps to understand their underlying causes. Here are the four most […]

plumber replacing water pipes in bathroom renovation

Whether you want to make your home more livable or increase property value, a bathroom renovation is an appealing option. However, you’ve heard time and again about bathroom renovation challenges. Fortunately, our plumbers and other specialists have identified the most common bathroom renovation challenges. we’ve also developed ways to solve those challenges and complete the […]

Out of nowhere, you find yourself faced with a plumbing emergency. To make sure you truly fix the problem, you’ve called a reputable plumber in your area. But in the meantime, you want to do what you can to address the situation. If you plan to take this kind of do-it-yourself approach, you’re going to […]

Most of the time, you may not give much thought to your kitchen garbage disposal. However, that situation can change in a hurry when something goes wrong. Without a doubt, clogs are the number one issue for disposal owners. You might not view a clog as an emergency in many circumstances. But if you rely […]

A sluggish drain makes every shower unpleasant. Instead of enjoying a relaxing shower, you’re forced to stand in an inch of soapy water. The water swirls around slowly, but won’t go down quickly. It’s a frustrating problem that’s unfortunately also quite common. So, what can you do about it? Many times, there’s a simple DIY […]

While reviewing your options for air conditioning, you might have heard about something called a ductless mini-split AC. While this type of unit shares many features with a traditional central air system, it differs in several crucial ways. This is important to know if you’re planning a new AC installation. A ductless setup may fit […]

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