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Need to know what’s an emergency and which problems can wait? Which problems you can solve DIY? The Orange Coast Plumbing blog helps you understand common plumbing, heating,  and air conditioning issues.

Using a hydro jet to clear a drain

Hydro jet drain cleaning uses high-pressure water streams to clear clogged pipes and sewer lines.

A plumber inserts a pipe inspection camera into the line to locate the clog, then follows up with a hydro jet treatment.

Radiant floor heating

Radiant heating uses infrared radiation to warm surfaces rather than the air in a room. It heats people and objects directly, like the sun’s infrared energy. A forced air furnace, in comparison, pushes hot air through ducts and vents into a room.

Radiant heating feels more natural than forced air, especially in areas with high ceilings or large open spaces, where traditional heating methods may struggle to maintain comfort. Radiant elements are warm to the touch but never hot enough to burn.

Broken sewer pipe

Sewer lines are under less pressure than water pipes. Their contents are slower moving.

Why, then, would they ever collapse? Yet they do with surprising frequency, and it’s always unpleasant when it happens.

A tankless water heater in the bathroom

The main selling point of tankless water heaters is unlimited, on-demand hot water. A tankless heater will cycle on only when you need hot water; nothing remains in the tank to corrode.

In an Orange County home, hot water from a conventional heater can travel through 80 feet or more pipe before reaching a shower nozzle or bathtub. And the heater takes up a closet-sized storage area. A tankless heater eliminates both problems.

Standard tank systems are cheaper to purchase, but you’ll pay for them with higher monthly water and energy bills, shorter appliance life, and the risk of leaks and tank collapse.

Yellow water

Yellow isn’t mellow — not when it concerns the hot water in your home.

But if hot water turns yellow, you should now know why it does and take corrective action.

Most hot water issues can be easily fixed with a professional plumbing service like Orange Coast Plumbing. So don’t delay — contact us as soon as possible to get your hot water back to normal!

A dual flush toilet mechanism

A dual-flush toilet can use up to 67% less water than a standard single-flush toilet. That’s because you’re only using the amount of water necessary to do the job.

This offers obvious benefits for Southern Californians in the grip of a historic drought. Older toilets send between 3.5 and 7 gallons of water per flush into municipal sewers!

By law, newer low-flow toilets specify can use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. But dual flush toilets average only about 1.28 gallons per flush. That’s the average per flush for number 1 and number 2 throughout the day — it works out to 1.28!

Broken pipe

All plumbing materials have a limited lifespan. Your sewer pipes mayl last from 50 to 100 years, but wear and tear from hard water and harsh chemicals can accelerate corrosion. All pipes corrode and weaken over time, leaving them vulnerable to collapse. Chemicals like acids, solvents, and saltwater can eat away at metal pipes until they give out under pressure.

Bathroom renovation

Whether you want to make your home more livable or increase property value, a bathroom renovation is an appealing option. However, you’ve heard time and again about bathroom renovation challenges.

Fortunately, our plumbers and other specialists have identified the most common bathroom renovation challenges. we’ve also developed ways to solve those challenges and complete the renovation project of your dreams.

Plumbing toolkit

The toilet’s exploding. You’re facing a plumbing emergency.

Anything significant requires a plumber, but what about the smaller emergencies that arise? A clogged toilet? A blocked sink? Even a leaky faucet?

Do you have the right tools for a DIY repair or an emergency fix until the plumber arrives?

Installing a new garbage disposal

Most of the time, you may not give much thought to your kitchen garbage disposal. However, that situation can change in a hurry when something goes wrong. Without a doubt, clogs are the number one issue for disposal owners. You might not view a clog as an emergency in many circumstances. But if you rely on your garbage disposal daily or on special occasions, you’ll need to find a quick solution.