Boiler Repair & Installation

Professional Boiler Services in Orange County

Built with relatively simple technology to last many years, boilers usually work well for a long time without failing. They are designed to be taken for granted, so any boiler failure is enough to make you, well, steaming mad. Also, most boiler problems and breakdowns happen during winter, an expensive inconvenience that occurs at the wrong time.

Contact Orange Coast Plumbing for an experienced and trained team of professional technicians and plumbers who are providing boiler service and repair in Orange County since 1977.

Common Boiler Issues

While you can consider fixing some minor boiler issues on your own, you cannot resolve others without the help of a professional and experienced team.

Some common boiler issues are:

  • Radiators don’t heat
  • A problem in thermocouple that makes the pilot light go out
  • Strange gurgling or whistling noises from the boiler
  • A boiler doesn’t start at all
  • Issues with thermostat
  • Loss of boiler pressure
  • No heating or hot water
  • Dripping or leaking boiler

If you are unable to detect and fix the problem yourself, call Orange Coast Plumbing boiler service immediately for help. Don’t take these signs lightly, or they can become a major issue later on.

How Our Boiler Services Can Help You

Because boiler systems feature so many parts, any given symptom like strange noises may have several possible causes, ranging from low water levels to a defective pump. Boiler problems can be tricky to diagnose even for some professionals, and many solutions are not quick fixes. If the basic troubleshooting steps above do not resolve your boiler issues, chances are that you need an experienced and reliable technician to administer a professional inspection or repair.

By taking advantage of our professional boiler services, you can ensure the comfort of your space, enhance the efficiency and performance of your boiler, keep your boiler in perfect working condition, and quickly resolve minor problems and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide formation. Through our expert maintenance and service, we increase the life of your boiler, significantly. We diagnose the underlying cause of the boiler issue quickly and work on its resolution so that you have a working boiler as soon as possible.

Raypak Boiler Experts

Raypak, owned by Rheem, is the brand OCP trusts for our customers.

What makes Raypak boilers an industry leader, is providing heat that is long-lasting and reliable, efficiently and safely to your space. We have worked with these boilers extensively, and will advise you on the right model for your business, home, pool, or spa. After it’s installed, we will maintain, inspect, and repair the unit as necessary.

OCP Is Here to Help

Our technicians have updated knowledge and technical expertise to deal with any boiler emergency, swiftly and efficiently.

With our fully equipped fleet of vehicles, we stay ready 24/7 to help you with boiler emergencies and ensure that you stay comfortable and warm throughout the season.

No need to worry if your boiler is not working.

Just call us and get prompt boiler service at your doorstep!