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Orange Coast Plumbing services all home air conditioners and light commercial AC units.

A quality HVAC air conditioner will last 15-20 years. So if you own an aging air conditioner with declining performance, it may be time for an energy-efficient upgrade.

We install and repair everything from window air conditioners to complete HVAC systems.

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  • All OCP HVAC technicians are licensed, certified, and trained in the latest technologies.
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  • We honor all manufacturer warranties.
  • In the case of an insurance claim, we can work directly with your insurance company.
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Air Conditioners We Service & Install

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners ▸

Ductless AC offers the convenience of HVAC but without the cumbersome and expensive ductwork of HVAC systems. Ductless units are more efficient than HVAC, and they allow for zoned temperature control. They’re ideal for older buildings without ductwork, apartments, and detached spaces like guest houses and garages.

Window Air Conditioners ▸

The latest window AC units have built-in thermostats, remote control capabilities, and even voice control. They’re sleeker and far more efficient than their clunky ancestors! It pays to have a professional install your window air conditioner to secure it in place and seal it against air leaks.

Wall Air Conditioners ▸

Through-the-wall air conditioners are more secure than window units. They also have a much better seal against air leaks. New wall AC units are highly efficient and can be controlled from an app on your phone.

HVAC Systems ▸

HVAC stands for “heating, air conditioning, and ventilation” — the most common AC configuration in Orange County. HVAC systems have a separate heater and air conditioner linked to ductwork and controlled by a central thermostat. The quality of your installation and service has a significant impact on the efficiency and life of your HVAC system. Don’t take shortcuts to save a few bucks upfront.

Central Air Conditioning

Central AC is essentially HVAC without the furnace. A central air conditioner sits outside the building on a ground or roof mount, connects to a system of ductwork, and is regulated by a central thermostat.

Packaged Air Conditioning

Packaged AC offers air conditioning and heating in a single compact unit, making it a good choice for townhouses and smaller homes. Packaged units are easier to install than HVAC systems because there are fewer components to deal with. Like HVAC, packaged AC connects to ductwork.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

  1. Strange noises: Grinding, squealing, or rattling sounds can indicate a problem with the fan, belt, or motor.
  2. Warm air: A refrigerant leak, faulty compressor, or other issues could prevent an AC unit from cooling.
  3. Poor airflow: Weak airflow could be due to a clogged air filter, dirty evaporator coils, or a failing fan motor.
  4. Frequent cycling: If your AC turns on and off more often than it should, you may need to replace a faulty thermostat, check for refrigerant leaks, or clean the condenser unit.
  5. Moisture: Pooling water or excessive condensation around the AC unit can come from a leak, clogged drain, or other problems.
  6. Increased energy bills: If your energy bills spike, your AC unit may be working harder than normal and should be checked before it breaks down.
  7. Thermostat problems: A malfunctioning thermostat can make the air conditioner turn on and off at random or not reach the desired temperature.
  8. Foul odor: A musty or moldy smell coming from your AC unit may signal the presence of mold or other harmful pollutants. A burning smell could point to an electrical problem.

If you experience any of these issues, call a professional HVAC technician for an inspection and repairs.

Calibrating an air conditioner

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Breakdown

  1. Age: Even the best air conditioners last only 15-20 years. You may need to replace your AC if it’s approaching the limit.
  2. Dirt and debris: Clogged air filters and condenser coils reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, leading to higher energy bills and premature breakdown.
  3. Lack of maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your AC unit running smoothly and avoiding breakdowns.
  4. Improper installation or service: Poorly installed components can create problems like refrigerant leaks and improper airflow.
  5. Unstable power supply: Inconsistent or inadequate electrical current to your AC unit can cause significant damage.
  6. Low refrigerant: A refrigerant leak can overwork the AC and prevent it from cooling effectively.
  7. Electrical problems: Issues with the electrical components of the AC unit, such as wiring, fuses, and circuit boards, can cause breakdowns and even fires.
  8. Compressor problems: The compressor is the heart of the AC unit. When it gives out, the AC will stop working altogether.
  9. Clogged condensate drain: Water buildup from a clogged drain can damage the AC unit and surrounding areas.

 It’s critical to address these issues promptly to prevent breakdowns and maintain the efficiency and lifespan of the unit.

HVAC units for an apartment complex

Why You Should Hire a Certified HVAC Technician for AC Installation & Repair

  1. Expertise: A certified HVAC technician has the training and experience to diagnose and repair problems with your AC unit accurately and efficiently.
  2. Safety: AC repair and installation involves electrical and refrigerant work, which can be dangerous if not performed by a professional.
  3. Compliance with regulations: A certified HVAC technician knows about local building and safety codes, and will ensure your AC unit meets standards.
  4. Quality work: A certified technician has the skills and tools to perform high-quality work that reduces the risk of future problems.
  5. Warranty protection: Many manufacturers stipulate that a certified technician performs repairs, or they won’t honor the warranty.
  6. Energy efficiency: A properly installed and functioning AC unit can reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bills.

Hiring a certified HVAC technician provides peace of mind and guarantees professional, safe, and high-quality service for your air conditioning needs.

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Common Air Conditioner Issues

Regular AC maintenance not only improves the performance of your air conditioning unit, but also ensures energy and cost savings. Through necessary regular maintenance, we can prevent future issues and unwanted expenses. There are a number of things that can go wrong with your air conditioner.



Good air flow is crucial to the effectiveness of any sort of air cooling or air conditioning. Ducts need to be maintained to allow for proper air flow. In almost all units, there are filters that should be cleaned and/or replaced regularly.



When a unit will not turn on, it is often due to a power problem. The tricky part is finding it. Power and electrical supply issues are not something you want to ignore, because they can easily lead to bigger problems, such as an increase in electricity bills, a disruption of power flow to the unit, damage to other devices on the same circuit, or even an electrical fire.



Malfunctioning thermostats can cause your air conditioner to do anything from run continuously to not at all. Thermostats may be external to the unit, or part of the unit itself. When they report false temperatures to the air conditioner, the unit will run according to those false temperatures. This could raise your power bill, fail to cool the area properly, or even shorten the life of your air conditioner.

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