Window AC Repair & Installation

Why Your Window Air Conditioner Unit Needs Expert Service

In Orange County, air conditioning is not strictly a summer concern. With beautiful, warm weather throughout the year, residents rely on AC to keep them comfortable no matter the season. For homes that do not have central air and heating, window air conditioning units are a common way to combat the heat. If you have a window unit that needs to be installed or repaired, contact us today.

Countless commercial and domestic users have placed their trust in Orange Coast Plumbing’s exceptional heating and cooling services. We are proud of our trustworthy reputation, which we have built through our robust and highly-efficient HVAC services in Orange County, CA.

Window AC Installation

Installing these units is a two-person job. Window air conditioners are large and unwieldy, so we never go it alone. The exact process of placing the unit will depend on a variety of factors, including the condition of your window frame, the types of windows you have, the size of the windows, and the support structure needed to keep the unit safely in place.

While there are a lot of factors to consider, installation tends to go pretty quickly, taking only a couple of hours or less in most cases.

Window Air Conditioner Units: Repair or Replacement?

If your window unit is not blowing cold air or even worse it has stopped working, you need professional help to fix it.

Common issues your window air conditioning unit can face are:

  • Not cooling sufficiently
  • Not turning on at all
  • Making strange noises
  • Compressor cycling between off and on
  • Formation of ice within the AC unit
  • Compressor switching off early without proper cooling
  • Dripping of water from AC (inside the house)

When you find one above issues with your window air conditioning unit, it is better to contact a professional than trying DIY methods. Our expert reaches you quickly to inspect your window AC unit to determine the extent of the issue and suggest a suitable solution. If the problem is resolvable through repair, we do so quickly, arriving fully equipped with the essential tools. However, if your unit has some major issues, which can cause repeated problems, we recommend the perfect window AC unit replacement for your space.

Servicing an air conditioner

Window Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance in Orange County, CA

In order to prevent the malfunctioning of your window AC unit, regular maintenance is essential for its peak performance. Try to clean the filter of your unit regularly throughout the year, and inspect your unit for any leakages or debris. Keeping it clean not only prolongs the life of your unit but also prevents expensive repairs.

At Orange Coast Plumbing, we are happy to provide you with regular window air conditioning unit maintenance services in Orange County, CA. Using our advanced equipment and effective techniques, we perform optimal maintenance so that you enter the peak season with peace of mind.

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