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Whether at home or at your place of business, you rely heavily on your plumbing and your HVAC system. This means that when things go wrong, it can feel like a true disaster. But if your home or business is in Los Alamitos, the situation can be remedied quickly. You only need to call Orange Coast Plumbing to get the help you need.

Orange Coast Plumbing has been the trusted source for plumbing and HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement since 1977. Los Alamitos business owners and homeowners have long relied on our expertise, speedy service, and affordable pricing. If you are experiencing an HVAC or plumbing emergency or just have a concern about your system, schedule your service now.

The Orange Coast Plumbing Advantage

We firmly believe that we are the best source of plumbing and HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement—of course, you would expect us to think that, given that this is our business. So, what else allows us to stand above the competition?

One core advantage to working with us is the fact that we offer 24/7 availability. Many services will ask you to wait until morning, even if experiencing an emergency, or at least several hours while they get in contact with technicians, gather the supplies, and head over. Here at Orange Coast Plumbing, we never ask you to wait. Whether you need help at one in the afternoon or one in the morning, we are ready to head on over and help you.

You probably expect this to come with a massive upcharge, but to us, 24/7 service is nothing extraordinary; rather, it is just part of working in the field we work in. We will not charge you massive fees just to get your home or business back into working order. All of our services are affordably priced, no matter the hour they’re rendered.

Beyond our excellent availability, we have Better Business Bureau accreditation, embrace new technology in the field, and only hire the most skilled technicians. When you choose Orange Coast Plumbing, you choose the very best.

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Plumbing Services

Owning your own home or business is a huge responsibility. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong. Electrical wiring can go on the fritz, locks can become difficult to turn, furniture can start to wear and break. However, few problems are as upsetting as a plumbing problem.

At best, plumbing problems cause inconvenience. At worst, they can shut down your business and drive you from your home. While your best course of action is regular maintenance to prevent devastating problems, your next best option is to work with us during emergencies.

Older buildings tend to have older plumbing systems, unless they have been repiped. Because your plumbing system ages like all other parts of your home, the older it is, the more likely it is that problems will occur. So, if your building is fairly new, does that mean you are in the clear?

Not always. Sometimes there are faulty parts or improper installations causing trouble. In other cases, the system may not have been taken care of. Then there are cases of sudden damage due to construction, natural disasters, and more. Essentially, if you are a homeowner or business owner, you need to always be ready to get help with your plumbing.

The best way to prevent significant problems from developing is to treat the system well and schedule regular maintenance. For a home, you may only require maintenance once a year. If you own a business, we suggest maintenance be performed once a quarter. This is due both to the high volume of use and the impact your plumbing system can have on your reputation.

If you do experience a problem, we will come out quickly to fix it. We offer the best repair service in Los Alamitos. There is no plumbing problem we have not encountered in the past, so we are confident we can correct your plumbing issues with ease.

In some cases, plumbing systems will be too old or damaged to be repaired and must be replaced. We also on occasion come across systems that use components that are no longer considered safe to use. We are able to replace entire plumbing systems without tearing apart your home or business. With small replacements, we usually have the parts on hand and can complete the replacement in a few hours. For larger replacements, we can quickly obtain the parts and finish the job within a day or so.

HVAC Services

While Los Alamitos is known for having a mild climate, those who call it home know that it isn’t always perfect. This means that most Los Alamitos residents and business owners rely on their HVAC system to cool things down—or on occasion, warm things up. If you ever need assistance with your HVAC system, turn to Orange Coast Plumbing.

All HVAC systems are complex, with hundreds—or even thousands—of things that can go wrong. We suggest regular maintenance visits to ensure that everything is working properly, allowing us to catch issues before they get big and expensive. Your HVAC is a big investment, so proper care is needed.

Orange Coast Plumbing offers HVAC maintenance service that is designed to not just catch problems, but to keep the system running at maximum efficiency, putting less wear on the system and less demand on your electricity or other energy source. If you have us come out a couple times a year, your system will work smoothly, your air will be cleaner, and your energy bills will be lower. Our maintenance services are affordably priced and ultimately save you money by keeping your system working well.

However, should something go wrong, we can offer a quick and affordable fix in most cases. Should your HVAC system reach the end of its usefulness, we can replace it, helping you find the right option for your home or business. With us, you will always get the service you need.

Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation

Maybe you are building a new addition and want the best plumbing and HVAC you can get. Or perhaps you are revamping an older space and need your systems reworked to accommodate your new vision. No matter what you need, we can help. Orange Coast Plumbing has been working with area residents and businesses for 40 years, helping them make their construction projects the best they can be.

For your project, we offer many services. We can inspect your systems and ensure they meet code. We can repipe the entire building, retrofit an older building for an HVAC system, update appliance, and more. We offer a complete slate of remodeling and renovation services, so no matter what you need, you can get the service you require when working with us.

Choose Orange Coast Plumbing

Although our business is based in Santa Ana, we have been working in Los Alamitos since our company began, and many of our trusted technicians call it home. We proudly serve this wonderful community. Since 1977, we have been known for consistently offering excellent service at affordable prices. We are confident that there is no better plumbing or HVAC service for you in Los Alamitos.