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In the City of Brea, Orange Coast Plumbing is the gold standard for plumbing, air conditioning and heating maintenance, repair and replacement. That’s because we offer the area’s very best blend of technical expertise, attention to detail, budget friendliness and round-the-clock availability. Day or night, you can count on our staff of specialists to help you preserve the comfort and safety of your home or commercial property.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing issues can occur in any structure, although they’re more likely to affect older buildings, poorly constructed buildings and poorly maintained buildings. In optimal circumstances, these issues are fairly easy to track down and repair. However, as you may know, plumbing malfunctions often stem from hidden or hard-to-determine problems that don’t yield to straightforward solutions. In a worst-case scenario, problems in a water line go undetected until they trigger extensive damage and the need for line replacement. Similarly, gas lines in a home or business can sustain damage that requires immediate repair or replacement for safety reasons.

In Brea, you can rely on the professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing to successfully resolve all kinds of plumbing-related issues. We simplify the process of leak detection and repair by combining traditional methods with the latest technological developments. This combination approach ensures that your repair lines will remain in service for years to come. And when replacement is a better option than repair of a water or gas line, we simplify this process and minimize your costs by using an efficient modern technique known as repiping.

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24-Hour Emergency Plumbing

It would be wonderful if serious plumbing problems only occurred during normal business hours. However, in truth, these problems often come to light at the most inconvenient times imaginable, including weekends and the middle of the night. Fortunately, in Brea, instead of searching frantically for a qualified plumber to handle emergency situations, you can give a call to 24/7 specialists at Orange Coast Plumbing.

Like any competent plumbing service, we can effectively handle common plumbing emergencies such as broken fixtures and overflowing toilets. However, our expertise, training and top-notch equipment also allow us to go a step beyond and deal successfully with more complex problems that are well beyond the abilities of the typical journeyman plumber. When assessing your emergency, we also explain in detail any situation that calls for a replacement instead of a limited repair.

Heating Services

Homeowners and business owners in Brea know that, despite Southern California’s reputation for mild weather, cold snaps can strike during many parts of the year. A regular maintenance routine can keep your commercial or residential heating unit functioning properly for extended periods of time. However, eventually, repair- or replacement worthy issues will arise in virtually all systems, regardless of even the best maintenance practices.

Orange Coast Plumbing offers comprehensive heating services. For starters, we can help you establish the proper maintenance schedule for the type of system you have installed in your home or business. And when problems arise, we call on decades of hands-on know-how and certified training to promptly identify the nature of the malfunction and develop the appropriate repair solution. In cases where repair makes less economic or practical sense than a partial or complete heating system replacement, we’ll explain our rationale and perform the work with expert care.

Air Conditioning Services

Home air conditioning systems are available in a number of technological formats, including integrated HVAC (heating, air conditioning and ventilation) systems, centralized units that only provide air conditioning, and wall- or window-mounted units that only cool a single room or part of a building interior. Commercial systems also come in a range of formats, only some of which resemble their household counterparts. This wide variety means that any professional you hire to maintain, repair or replace your A/C system must have a wealth of technical and practical knowledge in order to work effectively and efficiently.

For nearly four decades, the air conditioning professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing have helped homes and businesses in Brea keep building interiors cool and comfortable. If your system is working properly, we can show you how to keep it that way. If you’re already experiencing problems, we can assess and repair units from essentially any residential or commercial manufacturer. We can also help you determine when you’re better off choosing replacement over a stopgap repair.

HVAC Services

At all times, Orange Coast Plumbing maintains up-to-date training in the service, repair and replacement of HVAC units from all major manufacturers. This means that we can give you reliable advice on how to prolong the life of your current system. It also means that we have the expertise needed to diagnose all problems, make appropriate repairs and perform HVAC replacements when repair is no longer an effective option.

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Home Remodeling and Renovation

Like other vibrant Southern California communities, Brea sees its fair share of home remodeling and renovation projects. If you have an upcoming project in mind, make sure to include Orange Coast Plumbing on your list of prospective providers. In addition to completely redoing your home’s mechanical systems, we offer a comprehensive array of remodeling and renovation options, up to and including whole-house services that cover everything from the ground up.

Our Commitment to the City of Brea

The City of Brea has a storied history as one of Southern California’s early hubs for citrus farming and oil production. Today, the community of 40,000-plus is known more for its plentiful retail shopping opportunities and its well-established public arts program, which enjoys a nationwide reputation for excellence. Focal point for both residents and regional visitors include the Olinda Oil Museum, Brea Mall, the Curtis Theatre, Carbon Canyon Regional Park, the Brea Gallery and El Rodeo Equestrian Center.

Better Business Bureau-accredited Orange Coast Plumbing is located just south of Brea in the City of Santa Ana. Since 1977, we’ve helped local homeowners and business owners keep their families and customers happy and safe from the elements. With an unwavering commitment to customer service, quality and friendly professionalism, we always make sure to provide you with the very best at a reasonable price. Call today for scheduled or emergency services.

Contact us with any questions or concerns about plumbing in Brea – or HVAC-related repair, maintenance, upgrades, or remodeling. Orange Coast Plumbing guarantees your satisfaction.