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In Anaheim Hills and all surrounding communities, Orange Coast Plumbing serves as the reliable source for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and HVAC expertise. For 40 years, area residents and business owners have trusted us to be there when critical indoor systems malfunction. That’s because we work hard every day to exceed your expectations and provide you with Orange County’s best combination of value, performance and proven ability.

All-Service Plumbing & Repair

Anyone who owns a home or runs a business will eventually have to deal with some sort of minor or major plumbing problem. These problems tend to appear most often in poorly maintained structures, older structures and structures with improperly installed or substandard plumbing systems. However, no one can safely disregard the potential for a significant water-, sewer- or gas line-related mishap. And while the sources of plumbing issues are sometimes easily discovered and corrected, you may also face complex issues that perplex all but the most experienced and well-trained service professionals.

In Anaheim Hills and greater Anaheim, Orange Coast Plumbing is your all-in-one solution for all manner of general plumbing repairs. While some providers lack the skill to tackle major or complicated malfunctions, our use of traditional plumbing techniques and 21st century technology allows us to tackle even the most severe and hard-to-trace problems. We apply the same combination of time-tested and advanced techniques to the replacement of water, sewer and gas lines too far gone for a limited repair. In all cases, we make sure to minimize the potential disruption to your household or business.

Ductless Mini Split AC Installation & Repair

Do you need a smooth performing, energy saving air conditioning system for your home, and yet installing all that ductwork for central air just won’t work? A ductless mini-split air conditioner contains no ductwork and provides a perfect solution if you want to have a clutter-free ductless air conditioning unit. This system offers a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to your cooling needs.

With this mini AC system, you can easily control your energy bills while keeping your place cool and comfortable.

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Anaheim Hills’ 24-Hour Emergency Plumber

Plumbing problems are bad enough when they happen during daylight or regular business hours. When they happen at night or on the weekend, even a relatively minor malfunction can quickly blossom into an emergency situation. Day or night, when plumbing mishaps occur in Anaheim Hills, you can count on the specialists at Orange Coast Plumbing for a rapid response and comprehensive services that fit your exact needs.

Most emergency plumbing issues are really no more complex than the less severe issues you may face at other times. The true test comes when you need immediate help with complicated problems beyond the experience of many local providers. When you call on us for assistance, you’ll never have to worry about the accuracy of our troubleshooting or the quality of our repair work. Even in the most stressful circumstances, we maintain top standards and a calm, professional approach.

Heating Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

In the generally pleasant weather of Southern California, heating systems still play a critical role in maintaining indoor comfort for several months a year. This means that the region’s homeowners and business owners must pay close attention to their building’s’ heating needs. These needs include regular maintenance and occasional repairs. They also include the eventual replacement of worn-out and seriously malfunctioning heating systems.

At Orange Coast Plumbing, we specialize in all phases of the heating system life cycle. If you have a currently functional system installed in your home or business, we can carry out routine maintenance that helps keep things running smoothly for the foreseeable future. If you’re experiencing minor or major problems, we’ll provide a timely diagnosis backed by cost-effective, high-quality repair work. And if your system has reached the end of its useful life, we’ll provide a top-notch replacement with the heating technology of your choice. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

The region’s homeowners and business owners understandably give a lot of thought to their air conditioning needs during warmer parts of the year. For a variety of reasons, Orange County’s buildings are cooled with a wide range of A/C technologies, from tried-and-true window-mounted units to 21st century split systems that allow for a high degree of adjustability and customization. With so many options available, anyone experiencing problems with their particular air conditioning setup must make sure to call on maintenance, repair and replacement specialists who understand their unique needs.

Orange Coast Plumbing’s background in the air conditioning field extends back nearly four decades. Throughout that time, we’ve worked on every kind of residential and commercial system installed in our heavily populated county. No matter the A/C technology you use, we carry out maintenance, repairs and replacements specifically targeted to the make and model of the product utilized in your building. Our highly individualized approach keeps the focus squarely on quality, speed and budget-friendliness.

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HVAC Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

With their combined heating and cooling capabilities, HVAC systems are a common go-to option for our region’s residential and commercial buildings. However, since they operate more-or-less continuously throughout much of the year, these systems often carry a heavier workload than their A/C-only and heating-only counterparts. This means that the typical owner of an HVAC setup has a pressing need for effective maintenance, as well as efficient repair work and affordable partial and complete replacements.

In addition to providing all required services for heating systems and A/C systems, we specialize in complete services for HVAC systems from every conceivable manufacturer. Our technicians can tackle any issue affecting the older forms of this air conditioning technology. We also have the up-to-date training and experience required to main, repair and replace the most advanced HVAC products on the market.

Home Remodeling and Renovation

Like much of thriving Orange County, Anaheim Hills is typically bursting at the seams with a range of small and large home remodeling and renovation projects. When planning your upcoming project, you may think that you need to find a third-party contractor in addition to a plumbing, heating, air conditioning and HVAC specialist. However, that’s simply not the case. At Orange Coast Plumbing, our extensive line of services includes every phase of the home remodeling and home renovation process. From planning to completion, we’ll maintain the highest standards for even the most demanding project specifications.


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Our Commitment to Anaheim Hills

With over 55,000 inhabitants spread across more than 70 neighborhoods, the planned community of Anaheim Hills forms part of the larger City of Anaheim. While distinct in many ways, the relatively affluent community still shares common ties with Anaheim in the form of municipal services and utilities. Residents of both Anaheim Hills and Anaheim enjoy easy access to many of Orange County’s top entertainment and recreation destinations.

Family-owned and Better Business Bureau-accredited, Orange Coast Plumbing is committed to the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and HVAC needs of Anaheim Hills. Whether you own a home, manage a business or own a business, you’ll find the exact services you need, when you need them. You’ll also find friendly technicians and customer service experts who know how to minimize the disruptions to your daily routine and restore your indoor comfort ASAP. Contact us today to make a scheduled or emergency appointment.

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