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Does Home Insurance Cover Slab Leak Repair?

Most leaks in your home are annoying. Some might even cause a small amount of damage. But slab leaks are a very different beast. When you have a slab leak, you are all but guaranteed to suffer significant damage to your home. And should this happen to you, you will turn to your homeowner’s insurance [...]

How Serious Are Slab Leak Problems?

Here in Orange County, and throughout most of the United States, concrete slabs are the most common type of foundation used in homes and commercial properties. Due to a variety of factors, including seismic activity, slab leaks are a relatively common problem in the area. However, don’t let that make you think these leaks are [...]

Why a High Water Bill Won’t Just Cost You Money

When the water bill arrives, we all hold our breath a little, hoping that the number inside will be within the expected range. But on some occasions, we end up being pretty shocked by what we find. Various factors that can cause this, including indiscriminate water use by yourself and other members of your household. [...]