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Five Bathroom Renovation Challenges and How to Solve Them

Whether you want to make your home more livable or increase property value, a bathroom renovation is an appealing option. However, you’ve heard time and again about bathroom renovation challenges. Fortunately, our plumbers and other specialists have identified the most common bathroom renovation challenges. we’ve also developed ways to solve those challenges and complete the [...]

Non-Toxic Alternatives to Toilet Cleaners

More now than ever before, we are aware of the toxins in our homes. However, there are still some surprising places these toxins can lurk. For example, are your toilet cleaners safe? We don’t expect our cleaning solutions to cause us harm. After all, the whole reason we use them is to cut down on [...]

Plungers Are More Diverse Than You Think

How many different types of plungers are there? Chances are this is not a question you've asked yourself. Most people own one plunger—the one with the wooden handle and the red rubber suction cup. They don’t stop to wonder if it's the best plunger or the right plunger for the job—it’s just a plunger, end [...]

7 Lessons Homeowners Should Learn About Plumbing

All functional households rely on a well-maintained plumbing system for everyday comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, some homeowners never take the time to learn anything about how this critical system works, or about what can go wrong when trouble strikes. Sooner or later, this lack of knowledge can lead to unexpected and avoidable service disruptions, as [...]

10 Secrets to increase the Value of Your Home

Remodeling and renovation are often approached with hesitation because of their staggering cost. Even those who love DIY projects and home improvements may not have a lot of time on their hands to create a more enjoyable living space. However, it is still essential to take a good long look at your home and consider [...]

7 Ways to Save Money with Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your home appliances account for up to 20 percent of your monthly energy consumption. Using energy-efficient appliances doesn’t only benefit the environment—by reducing greenhouse gases and air pollutants—it also lowers utility costs and saves you money. Newer models require less power to operate and are packed with energy-saving features, such as improved insulation and airflow [...]

9 Hacks to Reduce Your Energy Bill with Plumbing Solutions

Over the last few years, life hacks have become extremely popular. They tend to cover things like quick ways to thaw frozen meat and how to prevent Band-Aids from slipping off your fingers. But some life hacks can offer you more than just convenience: they can reduce your energy bill and save you money. This [...]

How to Save Thousands on Plumbing Problems

When problems occur in your household or residential plumbing system, they can lead to the need for repairs that end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, not all of the issues that produce such major expenditures may seem like a big deal when you first encounter them. In fact, some of [...]

Summer Home Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

We’re nearing the end of summer. If you haven’t done your seasonal home plumbing maintenance yet, it’s time to get started! Taking time each season to check through your plumbing will make sure everything is running well and can reduce costs and repairs in the long-term. We suggest you include the following items on your [...]