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Can’t decide if there’s a problem? Need to know what’s an emergency or not a big deal? The Orange Coast Plumbing blog helps you decode leading plumbing problems and air conditioning issues.

Cool weather is around for another month or two. That means early mornings are chilly, and frost is glistening on the rooftops. It also means if your thermostat isn’t working – you’re going to be colder than you’d like. A quality thermostat should last upwards of 10-15 years, but often homeowners don’t consider it a […]

Your plumbing system is one of the most frequently used elements in your home. Multiple times a day, toilets are flushed, sinks are used, the shower is run, and clothes are washed. The water must be heated, transported, and disposed of. As you can imagine, this means your plumbing system will experience a significant amount […]

During the construction of residences and businesses, water and sewer lines are frequently installed beneath or within the concrete slabs that form the building foundation. For a variety of reasons, these buried lines can spring leaks and release significant amounts of water into the surrounding area. The commonly accepted term for this situation is a […]

All functional households rely on a well-maintained plumbing system for everyday comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, some homeowners never take the time to learn anything about how this critical system works, or about what can go wrong when trouble strikes. Sooner or later, this lack of knowledge can lead to unexpected and avoidable service disruptions, as […]

Plumbing professionals use the term slab leak to refer to any pipe leak that occurs in one of two locations: beneath a concrete foundation or slab, or directly within the slab/foundation itself. These types of leaks rank high on the list of most feared plumbing malfunctions. That’s true because they can ultimately lead to severe […]

Indoor and outdoor drains sometimes become heavily clogged with debris, greasy sludge and other materials. In many cases, you can clear out these tough clogs with a plunger or a drain snake. However, sometimes these go-to remedies fail to get the job done. In such circumstances, you may want to place a call to your […]

A leaking toilet of any kind is a massive problem, but a leak coming from the base of your toilet packs an even bigger punch. While detecting the cause of a leaky toilet is already a challenge, a toilet leaking at the base can be simply missed. Water that seeps out of a damaged toilet will […]

They say that one’s home says a lot about the person’s taste and style. An extravagant centerpiece in your living room may provide a glimpse of your current finances, but expensive doesn’t always translate to having refined taste. Do you know what to look for when choosing the right type of faucet for your home? […]

Faucet drips contribute to up to 10,000 gallons of water wastage every year. Keep your home faucets in good working condition to avoid additional charges on your water bill, but most importantly, to minimize the environmental impact of wasting water. Sometimes the leak can easily be remedied by a simple DIY fix. If you know […]

As part of your daily routine, it’s easy to ignore the faucets in your household until they malfunction. They have the power to ruin important occasions when you’re least expecting it, like when you’re running late for a job interview, while your in-laws are visiting, or when you are planning for a comfortable night in […]

Remodeling and renovation are often approached with hesitation because of their staggering cost. Even those who love DIY projects and home improvements may not have a lot of time on their hands to create a more enjoyable living space. However, it is still essential to take a good long look at your home and consider […]

Your home appliances account for up to 20 percent of your monthly energy consumption. Using energy-efficient appliances doesn’t only benefit the environment — by reducing greenhouse gases and air pollutants — it also lowers utility costs and saves you money. Newer models require less power to operate and are packed with energy-saving features, such as […]