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5 Bathroom Plumbing Renovation Problems & How to Solve Them

Bathroom renovation

Whether you want to make your home more livable or increase property value, a bathroom renovation is an appealing option. However, you’ve heard time and again about bathroom renovation challenges.

Fortunately, our plumbers and other specialists have identified the most common bathroom renovation challenges. we’ve also developed ways to solve those challenges and complete the renovation project of your dreams.

With that in mind, let’s examine five of the problems you’re most likely to face.

1) Mold in the Ceiling & Walls

Whether you’re renovating or not, mold ranks as the top problem in bathrooms throughout America. The damaging fungi in this category just love warm, moist environments where they can grow at a rapid pace. Before you even think about starting a renovation project, conduct a thorough search for mold’s telltale signs. These signs can include:

  • Black spots near the ceiling
  • Black spots just above your bathroom baseboards
  • Drywall that looks wet long after you’ve stopped bathing

Another possible, but less reliable indicator is a musty smell in the air.

If you suspect the presence of mold, you’ll need to open up a section of drywall and take a look. Depending on your circumstances, the fungus may have a white, green or black color. In many cases, it resembles shaggy household carpeting.

You have to tackle all mold problems before you start renovating. Otherwise, you could end up contaminating other rooms in your home. Make sure to rely on a mold remediation specialist to perform this crucial job.

2) Bad Plumbing Installation

Your bathroom renovation project can also be hindered by poor plumbing work. Common signs of poor work include rattling inside the walls and perpetually leaking spouts and faucets. If you notice these issues, your best bet is to call the professionals. Our experienced plumbers can diagnose any problem and devise a cost-effective remedy. That’s far better than covering up damaged pipes and suffering the consequences later.

3) Shower & Tub Drainage Problems

To help you keep moisture accumulation in check, water must exit your shower or tub drain at a reasonable speed. If this doesn’t happen and water pools on the shower/tub floor, it’s time to suspect a drainage problem.

The underlying issue may be nothing more than a clogged pipe that requires a bit of maintenance. However, standing water may also have other, more serious origins within your plumbing system.

If you just switch out your tub or shower and do nothing else, chances are the problem will remain. For this reason, make sure to correct any drainage issues before proceeding with your renovation.

4) Poor Bathroom Venting

To eliminate damaging heat and moisture, all bathrooms should be equipped with an exhaust fan and a vent. However, proper venting of bathrooms often poses a challenge. That’s especially true for bathrooms not located against an exterior wall.

Never assume that your current venting is working as expected. Instead, test it to make sure that it performs up to par for the needs of your bathroom. Common signs of an underperforming system include “sweating” drywall, fogged mirrors, and lingering humidity after you bathe.

Ask your local specialist at Orange Coast Plumbing to correct any of these problems. Your plumber can also help you avoid creating new ventilation issues during your renovation work.

5) Creating a Workable Plan for Your Budget

Understandably, many homeowners get caught up in the excitement of planning a bathroom renovation. However, that excitement can lead to big problems if you’re not careful. One common major issue is the failure to make a plan that fits your needs and circumstances. This often happens when renovators make individual design decisions in isolation and don’t consider the bigger picture.

Closely tied to planning problems is a failure to set a realistic budget and stick to it. Nothing causes more regret than burning through your funds and only getting halfway through a project. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll end up making compromises that kill your vision and leave you with unacceptable results.

To avoid this dreaded outcome, create a clear budget and do everything you can to stick to it. If possible, that budget should include a little wiggle room for unforeseen setbacks.

Your Bathroom Renovation Experts

Need more advice on how to meet the challenges of a bathroom renovation? Just give us a call at Orange Coast Plumbing. Our veteran plumbers have assisted countless homeowners on their projects. This extensive experience provides unequaled insight on how to proceed in any situation. With a trustworthy plumber on your side, your renovation battle is already half won.



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