Meet the Fleet

You’ll find our technicians to be highly professional in appearance and conduct. We know it’s our job to clean up messes – not make them – so our techs treat your home like it was their own.

John Flynn and Polly
John Flynn,

“It’s all about family”

These are beliefs John Flynn has always lived by, so it’s no surprise when he founded Orange Coast Plumbing in 1977 that his father and brothers were a part of the business.

A lot has changed since then, but having family involved has not. His brother Joe runs the crew, which includes his brother Morgan, and Joe’s wife Jill is in charge of the office. John is devoted to his faith, and family, as well as the extended family who make up Orange Coast Plumbing. When not doing something with his church or charities, you’ll likely find John outdoors with the kids.

John Flynn and Polly

Joe Flynn,
General Manager

Joe Flynn, our General Manager and John’s brother, has 31 years in the plumbing industry. His vast knowledge includes plumbing A-Z, heavy equipment, team building, and office management. He is happily married with a stepson, grandson, and pets. Like the rest of the Flynn’s, family time is the best time, especially if it involves fishing or sports.

Alex G.

Alex began his plumbing career in 1985 and is a state certified journeyman plumber. He is also certified in green plumbing, brazing, and has special expertise in gas piping. He belongs to the Friends Of Orange Church, loves deep sea fishing, his cat, and two dogs.

Anthony C.

Anthony began his plumbing career in 2002. He has special expertise in drain stoppages and troubleshooting. He loves art, music, and is an accomplished magician. Anthony also races bicycles professionally with a BMX Pro Team.

Chuck V.

Chuck began his plumbing career in 2003. An excellent trouble shooter, Chuck enjoys deep sea fishing and spending time with his 2 dogs and cat.

Colten R.

Colten has 2 years in the plumbing industry, with developed expertise in drain stoppages. He is devoted to family time with his wife and beautiful young daughter. He enjoys physical fitness and working out.

Curt R.

Curt joined the industry in 2018 and has special expertise in drains and is a parts specialist. He has two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. He is an avid rock climber and enjoys collector car auctions especially the Good Guys event. He belongs to Crossroads Community Church.

Edward U.

Edward joined the industry in 2014. He has special expertise working with property management companies and fulfilling their unique needs and understands the importance of keeping their tenants and members happy with them. He has 3 sisters and is very proud of the family’s Peruvian/Italian/Japanese heritage. He enjoys both watching and playing hockey and soccer as well as camping, hiking and paintball. He also has an impressive record collection.

Erick P.

Erick has 20 years of plumbing industry experience with a focus on preventive maintenance and repair. His 2 children and dog are the center of his life. Concerts, travel, and live sports all rank high as well.

James C.

James joined the plumbing industry in 2019, and is our parts specialist. He does a brilliant job keeping our trucks fully stocked with parts so the team can service our customers better. Video games and basketball are James’ passions.

Jeff M.

Jeff is a industry veteran with 26 years of plumbing service expertise. He and his wife are happily married and have three children. He is involved in all kinds of “Dad stuff” including PTA and Little League. Hiking, camping, and the great outdoors are the family’s passions.

Jesse F.

Jesse has 24 years of industry experience with special expertise in leak detection. He is happily married and loves spending time with his three boys. His passions are his vinyl record collection and time on the water fishing.

Jill F.

Jill Flynn has 35 years in the industry with special expertise taking care of the office and dispatch team. Jill is happily married to Joe and has a son, a grandson and a 4 legged child as well. Jill is all about family and enjoys time at the beach. She also enjoys watching the Denver Broncos and Boston Red Sox.

Johanna M.

Johanna was recruited into the plumbing industry 5 years ago and brings with expertise in office operations, payables, and accounts receivable. She is happily married for 26 years with five sons and two daughters. She is blessed with four grandsons, 5 granddaughters, and four great granddaughters! Her passions are baseball, basketball, bowling, and time with her beautiful family.

Keith K.

Keith has 20 years of experience in all aspects of plumbing and repair. The center of Keith’s life is his beautiful daughter. To say Keith loves saltwater sport fishing would be an understatement. Also high on the list are camping, hiking, Goped scooter racing, cart racing, and music.

Kevin J.

Kevin has 8 years of experience in both new plumbing and service and repair. He is a brand new dad and loves all things outdoors.

Lore K.

Lore has 20 years in the plumbing industry and her expertise lies in bookkeeping, payables, and all things accounting. She is a devoted wife and loves Ducks hockey.

Maria G.

Maria was brought into the plumbing industry two years ago. She does a great job dispatching and keeping our techs on track. She loves spending time with family and their husky. Rumor has it that she cooks like a boss!

Mark H.

Mark was recruited into the plumbing industry two years ago and brings extensive experience in organizational leadership, team building, and problem solving. Happily married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren, Mark spends his time with family, home projects, and working out. He enjoys coaching Little League baseball and attending Calvary Chapel in La Habra.

Mark H.

Mark has 8 years in the plumbing industry with special expertise in water heaters and drain stoppages. He is happily married with 6 kids and 15 grandchildren. He is a member of Main Place Christian Fellowship and enjoys action movies and sports including swimming, weightlifting, and bike riding.

Michael C.

Michael has 6 years in the plumbing industry with special expertise in sewer liners, gas lines, and water main replacement. He is the extremely proud father of two boys and loves music and sports.

Miguel G.

Miguel was brought into the plumbing industry in 2018. His area of expertise is in drain cleaning. He loves fitness activities and coaching volleyball.

Morgan F.

Morgan has 30 years of plumbing experience with special expertise in troubleshooting and backflow installation. He is happily married and a devoted father. Spending time with his family playing, watching sports, and enjoying the great outdoors are tops on his list.

Nate R.

Nate has 22 years of full service plumbing experience. He is happily married with 2 beautiful kids and a dog. Passions include off-roading, overlanding, camping, and exploring. He loves learning new things and a great cup of coffee.

Nolan R.

Nolan has 6 years in the industry and brings a troubleshooting/problem solving mentality with him. He is happily married and is blessed with a baby boy. His NFL team is the Saints, with the Lakers being his NBA favorite.

Reese F.

Besides being one of the nicest guys in the industry, Reese is THE go to guy in Orange County for all things HVAC, heating and air. In his 40 years there isn’t much he hasn’t seen and repaired.

Rock L.

Rock has 25 years experience in the plumbing industry and is one of our great problem solvers. He is happily married and enjoys a day on the water fishing.

Scott M.

Scott is an 8 year veteran of the industry and a fantastic troubleshooter. He is happily married and enjoys all outdoor activities. On inside days he is known to enjoy a game of billiards.

Sergio A.

Sergio has been in charge of our fleet maintenance since 2004. He does a fantastic job keeping our team on the road so our customers aren’t delayed by slow service. He loves traveling, working on cars, and movies, as well as family time with his girlfriend and his four kids.

Shannon S.

Shannon has 10 years of industry experience including lots of experience working with HomeOwners Associations. He is happily married with 2 children. He is a proud Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Steven N.

Steven is one of our heating and air specialists with 4 years of industry experience. As an outdoor enthusiast he loves fishing and snowboarding.

Steven R.

Steven has 4 years in the plumbing industry with expertise drain stoppage and hydro jetting. He enjoys time spent with his family. Passions include working out at the gym, as well as camping, hiking, and travel.

Tayler F.

Tayler is in her 3rd year in our industry and is a drain repair and hydro-jetting specialist. She can usually be found in her spare time seeing a movie.