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Repair Guide – Is Your Wall or Window AC Unit Leaking Water?

Is your wall or window AC unit leaking water inside? This problem can be especially frustrating if you have carpeting in the room where the unit is located, creating a damp spot and potentially ruining your carpet. Equally annoying is when the drip falls on slippery flooring, creating a hazard. In any case, water should never drip on the inside of your unit. Luckily, there are some easy fixes. What can you do?


While AC units drip water naturally out of the back of the unit due to condensation from the evaporator coils, they shouldn’t ever drip out the front. All you need to do is adjust the fit so that the unit tilts slightly down on the outside to ensure that the water rolls to the back of the unit to drip. Even the slightest slope will ensure that the water drips outdoors rather than indoors. You also need to make sure that the unit has a very tight fit and seal it properly. This will prevent any warm air from entering the room, which will result in additional condensation.

Drill a Hole

Some air conditioning units have a drip hole on the back of the drip pan. If your unit does have holes, ensure that they are properly cleaned so that water can exit the pan. However, if your drip pan doesn’t have holes, consider drilling some in. When drilling, make sure that you take care not to run into the coils, which are often very close by. Drill at an angle to avoid this problem.

Use a Pan Pill

You can find a product known as a “pan pill” or “pan tablet” at your local hardware store which help prevent water build up in your air conditioner. These pills are applied very easily by simply using a screwdriver to separate the louvers on the side of the air conditioner and dropping the pill in. They also assist by cleaning out your condensate pan, as a dirty pan may also be the cause of the leak.

Clean it Out

Sometimes the only solution for a leaking air conditioner is to perform a thorough clean. Build up of dust, or even an insect in the filter or elsewhere in the machine can cause leaks. Read in your user’s manual or look up a tutorial on how to clean your air conditioner and you should see an improvement.

Get Help

While not typically a sign of a major problem, if you’re unable to repair your air conditioning unit with any of these fixes, you may need to call a professional. They can take a closer look and diagnose any additional problems with your unit that may be causing the leak. When performing any of these easy fixes, make sure that you have turned your machine off and unplugged. Air conditioning units can be heavy, so make sure you get help moving your unit as necessary. We hope you’re able to solve your leak with these simple tips. Need professional help? Contact Orange Coast Plumbing for professional experts in air conditioning.