7 Affordable Ways to Save Money by using Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your home appliances account for up to 20 percent of your monthly energy consumption. Using energy-efficient appliances doesn’t only benefit the environment—by reducing greenhouse gases and air pollutants—it also lowers utility costs and saves you [...]

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How to Really Save Money on Plumbing Problems That Will Save You Thousands

When problems occur in your household or residential plumbing system, they can lead to the need for repairs that end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, not all of the issues [...]

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7 Signs or Symptoms of Slab Leak Problems and How to Tell if They Are Serious

Worried you might have a slab leak? A slab leak is a water pipe leak that takes place within a concrete slab which is also the foundation of the building. The water seeps into the [...]

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