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Top 5 Benefits of a Plumbing Career

Plumbing can be a dirty job, which might make you wonder why anyone would choose it as a career. However, once you learn more about the field, you will quickly realize that pursuing a plumbing career comes with many benefits. What might these benefits be? Let us tell you the top five.

1. You Earn Money While Training

There are technical programs you can take where you pay for the courses and learn to be a plumber. However, this is not necessary. Many larger companies offer apprenticeships, so you can learn at the side of a master plumber and earn money while you do it. Not only does this mean money in your pocket, but it also means that when compared to others taking classes at colleges and universities, you will have less debt as you enter the workforce.

2. The Pay Is Excellent

In any skilled profession that focuses on tasks others cannot do, you can expect to receive a high rate of compensation for your work. Plumbing is one of the highest paid trades in the United States. As a journeyman plumber, you can make around $60,000 a year. In areas with a higher cost of living, you can command even more, especially if you specialize in a specific aspect of plumbing.

3. There Is Room for Advancement

Plumbing is not a job where you get in on the ground floor, and that is as high as you go. Within the field, there are many specialties and chances to become certified in advanced technologies. And since it is easy to start your own company, you can move up from being a technician to being the big boss.

4. Your Job Will Be Secure

Plumbing is not something that society is likely to advance beyond at any point in the foreseeable future. While the technology might change, plumbers will forever be in demand. And since this is not an aspect of home maintenance that most people want to go DIY on, you can bet that there will always be homeowners giving you a call.

5. You Get to Interact with People

As mundane as it may sound, human interaction is a significant benefit over your typical desk job. Rather than being stuck in front of a computer, you will be interacting with your fellow technicians as well as clients, meeting new people and enjoying good conversation. If you are a naturally friendly and sociable person, plumbing can be an excellent field, especially if you prefer to move a lot throughout the day rather than sit still.

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