Plumbing emergencies are never convenient. The only thing worse than coming home to a major plumbing issue is experiencing an emergency while entertaining friends and family. Clogged sewers require immediate attention. If you notice the drains in your shower or sink backing up, you should call a professional immediately.

The technicians at Orange Coast Plumbing are experts at cleaning sewers. They use the latest plumbing technology to isolate the problem area and find a solution quickly. Our friendly and professional plumbing technicians are the best when it comes to servicing and repairing your sewer line, and helping you avoid unwanted catastrophes and sky-high bills.

What causes Orange County sewer lines to become clogged?

Roots in Your Sewer Line

Many things can clog a sewer line. Shrub and tree roots are one cause; because your sewer line runs under your yard, your plants’ root systems will sometimes reach the line and penetrate it in search of moisture. Once inside, they catch waste, hair, and grease. The more they catch, the more they trap, and once the line is blocked, your drains begin to back up.

Plungers and liquid drain cleaners are no match for roots; roots are strong and will continue to seek out water and nutrients. Left untreated, they will eventually block the line completely, or cause it to break or collapse. However, proper diagnosis will help you avoid a costly repair bill. The professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing have ways of eliminating stubborn roots.


Grease is another problem for sewer lines. Although grease should never be poured down a drain, sometimes people are careless. Over time, this grease can build up on the inside of the sewer line, and even trap hair and other particles. Eventually a clog will form, backing up your drain. Because the clog is deep in your sewer line, you will be unable to access it. And because it is grease, chemical agents will have minimal effect.

Corrosion from Fixtures and Pipes

Metal pipes eventually corrode. As your sewer line weakens with age, it becomes vulnerable to pressure, and can form cracks and holes. It can even collapse, requiring a new line.

What Sewer Repair services do we offer at Orange Coast Plumbing?

Video Inspection

Our trained experts use the very best diagnostic video inspection tools to examine your sewer line and identify the area that needs help. Whether it’s root growth, grease, a wedged foreign object, or corrosion of the sewer line, Orange Coast Plumbers have seen it all in our four decades of servicing Orange County residences. We will assess your problem in minutes. By showing you the cause of your problem on our monitor, you can have confidence that we are on top of the situation, and will provide you with the best possible solution.


After assessing the condition of your pipes and locating the clog, our professionals will often use a hydro-jet to clear the blockage. A hydro-jet is a hose capable of handling water at very high pressure, anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 PSI. Once inserted into the sewer line, our hydro-jet will remove most waste, blockages, or debris by freeing it from the inside of the pipe and forcing it down into the municipal line. Once the line is cleared, we are in a much better position to examine it for cracks and holes, no matter how small.

A hydro-jet is not for amateurs; make sure that you hire a professional with the right experience and training. Too much pressure can damage your plumbing infrastructure, and cause more leaks, or even water damage. The professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing have the correct training and experience needed to perform this kind of work.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

Replacing a sewer line is very expensive. It requires hours, even days, to unearth your sewer line, detach it from your home, and replace it with new, corrosion-proof piping. You will need earth moving equipment, and in many cases will need to jackhammer through concrete and/or black top. In some cases, the sewer line even lies underneath the building’s foundation!

Before you begin such an operation, you need to make absolutely sure that there is no cost-effective alternative. Although Orange Coast Plumbing has the personnel and equipment needed to replace a sewer line, we would prefer to save you that time and expense. That is why we strongly recommend Trenchless Sewer Repair for many homes and offices.

“Trenchless” simply means “without digging a trench”. In many cases, Orange Coast Plumbing can fix your sewer line from inside. With the right technology, we can give your sewer line a thorough cleaning, tear out all the roots, and line the sewer pipe with our state-of-the-art Epoxy resin. After applying the resin, we force compressed air into the line, pushing the resin into every crack and hole, no matter how small. Once the resin dries, the lining acts as a new sewer pipe. With much less friction, waste and hair pass through the line more easily. And because the line is air-tight, roots can’t get in and cause problems. The old pipe, though corroding, provides a protective shell for the new one, which conveys waste more effectively.

Why Call Orange Coast Plumbing?

Orange Coast Plumbing has an outstanding reputation for providing great customer service. It’s no surprise, given that our servicemen have seen every type of problem in sewer lines countless times. Our plumbing technicians are vetted with a continuing evaluation with respect to their knowledge, training, and customer service skills. We arrive at your home or office prepared to meet any challenge. We have the latest technology, and offer the best practices available.

Orange Coast Plumbing strives for excellence in all our work. When you call us, our team will be prompt, courteous, and well-groomed. We will maintain a clean work environment and respect your home or office. We do a thorough job, and work fast. Keeping the client happy is essential for our operation, and we will not stop until you are satisfied.

Call us today at (800) 953-1110, and one of our courteous representatives will be happy to take your service inquiry.



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