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A family-owned and operated company, Orange Coast Plumbing has been the company to turn to for plumbing, heating, and A/C needs in Lake Forest for over four decades. We proudly sport an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have thousands of satisfied customers in the area who are willing to attest to the excellent service we deliver. We only hire the very best technicians, all of whom we rigorously train ourselves. And we always exceed industry standards on safety and results. No matter what plumbing, heating, or A/C services you need, we can offer them to you.

Your 24-Hour Plumber in Lake Forest

When we think about emergencies, we think about medical emergencies, or perhaps house fires. But there are many emergencies we can encounter in life that require quality service and a fast response.

Take plumbing emergencies, for example. When you have something go wrong with your plumbing, it might just be inconvenient. However, in dire circumstances, you may find that your home or business is uninhabitable until the problem is remedied. In cases such as these, you need emergency plumbing service.

Not all plumbing services are ready to jump into action at any time of the day or night, but Orange Coast Plumbing is. We have technicians on call in Lake Forest and the surrounding areas, which means that we can fix your plumbing issues at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, getting your home or business back in working order as soon as possible.

In addition to being there for you at all hours, we also offer the best possible solutions to your plumbing troubles. We use modern technology to save both time and money, and also offer fixes designed to prevent the problems from reoccurring. Our goal is to offer you the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

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Heating Repair and Replacement Services

Lake Forest is a city that enjoys lovely weather and mild temperatures, save for a few days out of the year. But on those chilly days and nights, you will want to be able to count on your heating to keep things cozy. Our heating maintenance, repair, and replacement services allow you to stay comfortable no matter the weather. We can work with any make and model of heating system. We always try to take the most conservative approach possible, replacing parts and repairing at a low cost, but if repair is not possible, we will recommend replacement and help you find the most cost-effective solution.

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement Services

Your heating may not be used too often here in Lake Forest, but your A/C no doubt is. Most area residents cannot survive without their air conditioning to keep their home comfortable. Here at Orange Coast Plumbing, we know our way around all types of A/C systems, including window units, mini-splits, and integrated HVAC units. We have experience with a wide variety of makes and models, both old and new, so we can maintain, repair, or replace your system with ease.

Drain Cleaning Services

It is a fact of life: over time, your drains will clog. Sometimes these clogs are easy to take care of on your own. In other cases, you may need to call a plumber. If you have noticed that your drains aren’t working like they should, we are happy to help. In addition to removing actual clogs, we can also clean out buildup before it starts blocking your pipes and causing you trouble. Should we find that cleaning the drains does not resolve the problem, we will investigate to determine if there is a secondary issue and remedy it as well.

Maintenance with Orange Coast Plumbing

While we are happy to help with repairs and replacements, we know that most homeowners and business owners would prefer to avoid this. And the best way to avoid needing repairs and replacements is to schedule regular maintenance of your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems.

How often should this be? It will depend on the needs of your home or business, but we recommend twice a year for homes and four times a year for businesses, since any problems could disrupt your profits. In addition, systems in commercial spaces are used heavily, which can be quite taxing on them.

Now, we know what you are thinking: why spend money on maintenance visits twice a year or more when you can just pay for repairs every so many years? The reason is that it is cheaper. A repair will cost several times more than a maintenance visit, and the maintenance visit prevents you from needing the repair. Additionally, when repairs are needed, we can catch the problem before it becomes bigger, and thus more expensive.

Leak Detection and Prevention

Due to water conservation efforts, water in Lake Forest is pretty expensive. A decade ago, a leak would add pennies to your bill, but now it can cause a significant jump in what you pay each month. And since some leaks are invisible, it can be hard to determine that something is wrong.

Whether you can see the leak or not, if you notice an increase in your water bill, give us a call. We will come and inspect your pipes to determine if there is a leak, even if it is hidden away. If there is a leak present, you do not need to worry about the whole house being torn apart to repair it; we offer innovative approaches to fixing leaks that often do not require any disturbance to your home at all.

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 Remodeling and Construction

While we are always on call for when things go wrong, we do more than just fix problems; we can also help you make your home or business everything you want it to be by doing things right the first time around. If you are building a new home or commercial building or want to revamp the one you have, we are here to help with the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. Even if you want to keep as much of your existing system as possible, we can rework it to fit with your vision for the space.

For example, if you are redoing a kitchen, you might want to move the sink so it’s under a window, giving you a nice view while doing the dishes. We can work with the existing plumbing and reroute where the connections are for the sink so you can have the layout you want. We can do this and much more. Simply contact us with your plans, and we will get to work.

Why Choose Orange Coast Plumbing?

As a member of the Lake Forest community, you have many choices for plumbers and heating and A/C repair. So why should you choose us? Because we have made it our mission to provide local residents and business owners with the best service at the lowest price. We have been working in Lake Forest since 1977, and over those decades, we have built a stellar reputation. And because we are a family-owned company, that reputation is everything to us. As such, we never settle for less than our very best. We are available anytime, day or night, and our helpful representatives will guide you in the right direction.