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Your house is your home, and you wouldn’t dream of moving, but there are areas that you wouldn’t mind giving a facelift. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming up ways to update the bathroom with more modern fixtures, or maybe it’s a kitchen that needs new appliances and countertops. Renovations can be a great way to update your house without breaking the bank.

Orange Coast Plumbing provides expert renovation for Orange County homeowners. For a stress-free experience with amazing results, our experienced home renovation technicians skillfully cover all aspects of the renovation from top to bottom.

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Top 5 Reasons For Home Renovations

From years of experience with home renovation, we’ve noticed some common reasons why homeowners move forward with a renovation project.

The top 5 reasons are:

1. Increasing Room Space Use

Many of our clients renovate their Orange County homes to increase space in their living area. Usually this is done to create a more open and welcoming environment or to accommodate a growing family.

2. Increase Home Value

A home renovation can have a large effect on a home’s value. Some of our clients in Orange County are renovating to increase their home’s appeal before it is put on the market, while others choose to renovate to increase personal or family investments.

3. Updating a Home’s Appearance

A home renovation can reflect your personal style. In line with the current trend of simplifying and minimalistic living space, the Contemporary style is very popular with some of our clients. A home renovation can help transform your house into the look and feel of the modern home. For more traditional renovations, creating receiving foyers and installing warm hardwood floors are available for homeowners who want to achieve a classic looking décor.

4. Creating an Energy Efficient Home

A common renovation is to make your home energy efficient. Installing energy efficient appliances, such as ovens, stoves, and washing machines will help cut electricity and gas bills. Another way to renovate and save money is by upgrading windows, doors, and water heating systems. Upgrading a home’s heating and air conditioning systems are a practical way to cut down on energy costs. This savings will pay for themselves in the years to come.

5. Replacing Broken or Worn Components

Finally, many home remodeling and renovation projects are made to replace broken and worn down components and systems in the home. Orange Coast Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will be there for you every step of the way, using top quality materials that will last for many years to come.

Our Orange County Renovating Services

Our services cover a range of renovation jobs from re-flooring kitchens, to installing new bathroom cabinets, to removing walls to create more spaces. We perform new installation of energy efficient appliances, repair or install heating and air conditioning systems, replace windows and doors, install new home siding, remodel garages areas and more. So, if you’re ready to renew your bathroom, kitchen or other parts of your Orange County home, Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to help. We provide many renovation services that include:


Kitchen renovations produce some of the biggest benefits for your home living and equity. For those who love to cook, ample counter space and neatly organized cabinets can make all the difference when preparing meals. If you’re someone who likes to entertain, a small or outdated kitchen can leave you wanting more. Expanding the kitchen space is a great place to start. And by turning the kitchen into an open space with updated appliances goes a long way when it comes to selling your home. If you’re ready to get started on your dream kitchen, give Orange Coast Plumbing a call. We can offer expert advice for remodeling the entire kitchen.


Bathroom renovations are among the most popular updates in the home. Latest trends in bathroom renovations can offer a space that is both functional and luxurious. Whether that means adding the dream tub you’ve always waited for, updating countertops and floors, or simply putting in an extra sink to accommodate the needs of your family, having the professional craftsman and design team of Orange Coast Plumbing is the best choice. When it comes to renovating bathrooms, we’re experts and come fully prepared to deal any of the plumbing needs.

Bedrooms and Offices

Adding square footage to your home by creating a new bedroom or office space usually equates to increased value of your home. It also means living more comfortably for a family that is growing in size. If you need more room for little ones, or perhaps a place to get some of your office work done in a quiet atmosphere away from the rest of the household, adding another bedroom or updating an existing one can provide the space you need.

Living rooms

Living room renovations can encompass a number of changes, and the results mean a more welcoming space for the entire family. With a little changes, such as flooring, built-in entertainments, and maybe extending the space, you can have the living room where everyone in your family wants to hang out. When you call Orange Coast Plumbing, we listen to your ideas, work within your budget, and create a space that you’ll enjoy for years.

Flooring, Windows, Doors

A great way to give your house a new feeling is by updating your floors and windows. Today, the latest trend is putting in hardwood floors throughout the house to give it a more open and clean feeling. To add light in darker areas of your home, capture natural lighting through adding in new windows. There are great options for windows that keep your home insulated and noise out.

Why Choose Orange Coast Plumbing for your Home’s Renovation?

At Orange Coast Plumbing, we believe there’s no job too big or small, and we love to see our Orange County customers satisfied. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way. When you talk to us about your design needs, we listen. Afraid of extra costs that sometimes creep in during renovation? With a thorough analysis of the project right away, we provide upfront pricing that suits your budget. We even offer advice on how to lower costs. Don’t want to be bothered with city permits? Don’t worry, we have covered.

Our highly skilled technicians will make the renovating process hassle free. Knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful of your property, we provide you with the best craftsmanship and guarantee satisfaction.

Free Evaluations And Up-front Pricing

When we assess your project, we provide all the information you will need to know before we begin. Besides being upfront with renovation costs, our technicians will review all the options available to help suit your budget.

Permit Coverage

If your project requires permits, Orange Coast Plumbing will get them for you. In order to make a stress free experience for you, we can handle all of the paperwork and post-inspection requirements for all of our clients.



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