Orange County Home RemodelingWhen your Orange County home or place of business falls below your personal standards for aesthetic value or functionality, you will be thinking about how to return it to a state of style and elegance. At Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in offering you a wide range of options for remodeling and/or renovating your home or office. When you reach out to us with your need for an upgrade, we assign qualified and experienced staff members from our team to assess your situation and advise you for FREE. We place special emphasis on collaboration with the client to make the best possible decision on what home remodeling or renovation option to adopt according to their needs and budget.

The Options for Renovations

Improving the face of your home may sometimes require just a few repairs to fittings and services. Some examples are: boiler systems, kitchen appliances, floors, windows and doors, plumbing infrastructure, and air conditioning units. Together with other small scale works on a home, addressing these areas forms the renovation side of home remodeling. Orange Coast Plumbing has been doing renovations for Orange County homeowners for close to 30 years with remarkable success. Renovations leave your home renewed and more appealing. Whatever your objective for renovating your Orange County home, Orange Coast has the experience, resources, and vision to help you achieve it. Whether it’s a complete overhaul of your plumbing system, or replacing a few fixtures with more modern ones to boost your home’s value, we will be with you every step of the way.

Here are just a few arenas where we excel:


If your kitchen appliances or plumbing are not working properly, you know how much of a problem that can be. Many things can cause this: poor installation, wear and tear from everyday use, even natural disasters. Our plumbers are qualified to isolate the cause of any kitchen-related problem in your kitchen, and recommend the best solution to you. Sometimes when your old kitchen countertops need to be repaired or replaced, we will send our interior designers, who have unrivaled expertise in selecting kitchen fittings and materials. We will make sure your kitchen attains that stylish look at a reasonable price and within a reasonable time to avoid inconveniencing your family. We understand that it can be hard to get by without a kitchen.


Removing some old shower heads or faucets and replacing them with newer, classier ones is just one of the renovation works that need to be done to your bathroom from time to time. Our plumbing team at Orange Coast Plumbing can save you a lot of time and money in such an operation, which for us is a rather easy assignment. Some homeowners would rather save money by trying to do this operation themselves, but there is some peace of mind in knowing that your fixture has been installed properly to avoid leaks and correctly handle water pressure. We are prepared to assist you in evaluating the costs of any new installation and find ways of keeping it low, while helping you reap optimum benefits in quality and comfort.

Of course, our ability to renovate your bathroom is not limited to plumbing. We routinely provide homeowners with new additions to their bathrooms, such as bath tubs, sinks and counters, tubs, and even jacuzzis. At Orange Coast Plumbing, we ensure that your bathroom provides the exact environment you want it to. All you need to do is give us a call.

Living Room

As with all rooms of your home or office, your living room needs to stay current with building regulations for ventilation and lighting. Effecting some changes to your windows’ locations and sizes can prove worthwhile in making your living room more comfortable and modern. Replacing steel casements with Aluminium frame windows, for example, adds to the beauty of your living room. Pulling down an old ceiling and replacing it with the newest and most reliable ceiling material can transform your living room into the luxurious, cozy shape you desire. It is our pleasure to participate in that journey with you.


Certain old floors (e.g. those made of Terrazzo) lose their sparkling appearance over time and cannot be restored to their former glory, no matter how much you scrub them. Ceramic tile floors also wear out with time, and tiles develop cracks which cannot be mended. In such cases, all you need to do is call Orange Coast Plumbing, and we will find the best, most cost-effective method to renew your floor. Depending on your budget, we will advise you on the best and most stylish floor materials to use, among them wood parquets, marble and granite.

Options for Remodeling

Sometimes your Orange County home or business may need more than just a few cosmetic changes; you may require a total overhaul of major sections of your home. At Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we recognize this need and serve our customers with a variety of remodeling needs. Below are some of the solutions we can offer you.

Demolition, Redesign, Additions and Reconstruction

When your existing building is no longer suitable for what you use it for due to space limitations, you can consider adding to its space. Additions to existing buildings often require redesign to accommodate the new space. They also require approval by relevant authorities. We recognize the pressure that comes with complying with regulations for construction works, and we are keen to save our clients from it. Orange coast Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can facilitate obtaining licenses from authorities on your behalf.

We invite you to work with our architects and engineers to develop your new home. Everything from valuation to scheduling will be done for you FREE of charge, and you will also receive valuable professional advice on ways of cutting costs. We negotiate the fees for these services up front, so don’t expect any surprise costs.

Room Remodeling

We also do remodeling on a smaller scale. Some homeowners repurpose their home by moving (or removing) walls to create space. If you need to expand the kitchen and you have a large dining area, Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning will be at your service to ensure you achieve the best out of your newly reorganized space. We also assist people with creating small additions to their existing home. For example: we can add a pergola with a retractable canvas roof to your verandah, giving you a perfect space for relaxing with your guests. Regardless of your vision for your home or office, our mission is to see another satisfied Orange County homeowner every day.

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