Heat pumps are modern household systems with a somewhat misleading name. While they do indeed heat your home like a traditional furnace, they also have an additional function that allows them to cool your home like an air conditioner. In a relatively mild climate like Southern California, a heat pump system can provide a number of substantial benefits. However, only a certified service technician can properly install one of these devices, keep it well-maintained, and carry out lasting repairs when things go wrong. Trust the professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning to install a new heat pump in your home, perform timely maintenance and repairs on your existing pump, and replace pump components too damaged to remain in your system.

Understanding Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems don’t actually generate heat. Instead they perform their heating (and cooling) functions by transferring naturally heated air into or out of your home at seasonally appropriate times of the year. During the times when you want to increase the interior temperature, these devices pull heat from the outside air and transfer it into your household. During the times when you want to decrease the interior temperature, heat pumps pull warmth from the inside air and transfer it out of your household.

There are two main parts of a heat pump system: the heat pump itself — which sits outside your home — and a unit known as an air handler, which sits inside your home. When you want to increase the interior temperature, outside air is drawn through evaporator coils and into a compressor inside the heat pump. This compressor concentrates the heat in a pressurized refrigerant gas. The heat then passes through a condenser inside the air handler, which also contains a circulating fan that distributes the warmth.

When you want to cool your home, a switch called a reversing valve changes the system’s mode of operation. The air handler then pulls heat from the interior air and sends this heat back through the condenser to the compressor inside the heat pump. The evaporator coils then release the heat back into the air.

Why Do You Need a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps have several advantages in a climate where the winters are relatively mild and the summers don’t consistently stay super hot. First, installation of a heat pump system can potentially cost much less than the installation of a separate furnace and central air conditioner. In the winter months, well-maintained heat pump systems also typically cost much less to operate. For example, if you normally rely on electricity to heat your home, a heat pump may lower your electricity bill by up to 40 percent. If you heat with natural gas, you may shave up to 30 percent off your monthly costs. In addition, compared to a gas furnace, a heat pump system usually produces much more even interior heating. The experts at Orange Coast can help you review your household needs and determine if a heat pump is the right solution for you.

Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps only provide their benefits when they run properly. In turn, only a certified professional can keep your heat pump system in good working condition. Typical steps performed during an annual maintenance check include: looking for leaks in the refrigerant line, making sure that the system has adequate airflow, and making sure that the system’s thermostat works correctly. Our heat pump technicians also make sure that your system properly switches its cooling and heating functions, look for any problems in the system’s electrical supply, and remove dirt and debris from your system’s filters, blower and ducts.

Orange Coast’s highly trained staff includes certified professionals who know all of the ins and outs of heat pump maintenance. This means that we can service any type of system you have installed in your home. During your annual system servicing, our technicians check thoroughly for any sign of trouble, correct all issues they uncover, and show you how to avoid problems between scheduled visits. Our maintenance plan will also help you keep your utility costs down and avoid the significant expense associated with the repair or replacement of a poorly maintained heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair and Replacement

An old or improperly maintained heat pump system can develop a range of problems that require a minor or major repair job. Potential indicators of problems in your system include uncomfortably low indoor temperatures during winter months, uncomfortably high temperatures during summer months, a system that doesn’t turn on when expected, a system that doesn’t turn off when expected, and a system that cycles too frequently between its on and off positions. Your heat pump may also make unusual squealing, rattling or grinding noises.

Heat pump systems are quite complex, and any given symptom of malfunction can have a number of underlying causes. For this reason, only a well-trained, experienced technician can accurately assess the situation and confirm or eliminate each possible source of the problems you experience. With almost 40 years of accumulated expertise, the certified professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing know exactly how to diagnose your heat pump issues. After we make a diagnosis, we thoroughly explain the situation to you and discuss the cost of each available repair option. Once we have your approval to proceed, we get your system up and running with a lasting repair.

In some situations, one or more components in your heat pump system may have problems too severe for a simple repair job. If you need to replace the damaged component(s) in order to restore your system’s proper function, we will take the time to explain why routine maintenance is not sufficient. After acquiring the necessary parts, the experts at Orange Coast Plumbing will perform a top-quality job with parts specifically matched to the type, make and model of your system.

Installing a New Heat Pump

If you’re building a new home, you have the perfect opportunity to incorporate a heat pump system into your plans from the very beginning. You have the same opportunity if you’re scheduling a remodel of your existing home. In either case, call our in-house professionals to go over the benefits of a heat pump system, review your options, and discuss the necessary steps for a smooth installation process.

Count on Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning

Orange Coast Plumbing has a proven track record of installing, servicing, repairing and replacing heat pump systems throughout Orange County. Whatever services you need for your household, you can count on our dedication to customer service, fair pricing and professionalism in all circumstances. With Orange Coast Plumbing, you benefit from our four decades of continuous operation, family ownership and unique combination of advanced technological solutions and old-fashioned plumbing expertise.



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