Are you experiencing a plumbing emergency? Do you have a drain backing up that refuses to unclog? Who will you call in your time of need? Rely on a trusted name in 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Orange Coast Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning has been serving Orange County for nearly four decades, earning a sterling reputation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

No one plans a plumbing emergency. That’s why OCP maintains around-the-clock service staff to field emergency calls. We understand that every minute counts. Our qualified plumbing technicians are guaranteed to deploy quickly and arrive within minutes. OCP stands at the ready when you need us most.

Stocked with quality parts and tools, OCP’s service vehicles are prepared to complete the job in a single visit. You pay for the job, not by the hour. We do the job right the first time, to your satisfaction, guaranteed. Our certified plumbers explain the problem in plain language and give you a competitive estimate in writing so you can make truly informed decisions — no confusing double-talk, no surprise charges, no tricks.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Orange County

When you call us for a plumbing emergency, we are prepared to provide any of our regular services. If your drain is backing up, expect a thorough drain inspection, using a top-of-the-line drain camera. Our service professionals have hundreds of hours of experience on these cameras and can pinpoint the exact nature of your drain issue. Whether you have a clog, root infiltration, a collapsed pipe, or a slab leak, we will be able to explain the situation thoroughly to you and show you on our monitor. When we prepare our estimate for you, you will know it is accurate, because you will see the problem yourself.

Getting Rid of Clogs

If your drain is clogged, we have a variety of tools for unclogging it. A simple snake can open most clogs. We also use a hydro-jet to break up stubborn material and scour the caked on sewage and hair from the inside of your lines. A hydro-jet is a hose that shoots water at very high pressure into your sewer line. The hydro-jet will push this material forward, breaking up clogs and debris and forcing them all the way into your municipal line. After using it on your drain and sewer pipes, there should no longer be any clogs or potential clogs. Proper use of a hydro-jet to clean your lines should not take very long at all, once we access your system.

If you have roots, the hydro-jet will do a good job of removing most of them. Sometimes though, we will use a rooter to trim back all the roots that are penetrating your sewer line. A rooter is another long, snake-like device with blades that can locate and trim those roots for you. After they are trimmed, they will return. But Orange Coast Plumbing has a number of strategies to offer you to make sure they will never return.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

If your pipe is merely breached or damaged, and not collapsed, then you will likely be a candidate for trenchless sewer repair. If your pipe has a root encroachment, pinhole leaks, or cracks, then the odds are good that we can fix the pipe without having to dig it up. The professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing can do this by inserting a special hose into the pipe after it has been cleaned. At that point, we spray a special resin inside the pipe to line it. After the entire inside of the pipe is coated with resin, we force compressed air into the line. This pushes resin into every crack and hole, and into every joint where the pipes connect. Once the resin hardens, your old pipe has a new, more durable plastic lining inside it.


If one of your pipes breaks or begins to leak, you definitely want a repiping specialist on the scene as soon as possible. The specialists at Orange Coast Plumbing will turn off the water and prepare the area around the leak for the repiping operation. We will check the water pressure to make sure it is set correctly. We will make sure the correct material is available, and send it. Such repairs would take the average contractor a long time and cost a lot of money because they would rip out your walls and floors to find the problem. At Orange Coast Plumbing, our specialists are able to perform simple re-piping operations in a few hours. This is another reason why we have developed an outstanding reputation among our clients in the area of emergency service.

Extreme Emergencies

Sometimes there are interventions that require more than a few hours to fix. Not every emergency can be resolved quickly. If you have a collapsed sewer line or a major re-piping operation, or your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, we can still help you handle your crisis. But completing the repairs may take longer. Call us, and we can at least help you understand exactly what the problem is. If it is severe, we can turn off your water, and schedule a time when it is convenient for you to perform the operation. If your home is flooded, we can help you clean it up, and get your house back to a point where you can at least sleep at night. Plumbing problems are not convenient, but at least they don’t have to interrupt your lifestyle completely.

Professional, Respectful, and Reputable, 24 Hours a Day

At Orange Coast Plumbing, we maintain a high standard for appearance and behavior. When our plumbing professionals visit your home or business, we will show you proper respect with our professionalism, our effort, and cleanliness. Our staff makes proper use of shoe covers and drop cloths to leave the work area as tidy as it was when they arrived. Furthermore, each one of our employees goes through a thorough background check, substance abuse testing, a reference verification, and a DMV check. At OCP, we take extra care to employ professionals of the highest possible character and training, to make sure they are worthy of carrying our name and brand.

OCP is committed to customer service for residential and commercial plumbing, and also for HVAC systems. We are fully licensed and insured, family-owned, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and we have served the LA County and Orange County areas since 1977.

Give us a call, and one of our representatives will be glad to take your service request or inquiry.

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These guys are super dependable, knowledgeable, honest, and do a great job. I had a couple of clogged sinks in the house and Erick from OCP fixed them right up. He did it super quickly too! My interactions with all the folks have been very pleasant. Overall it was quick to book and have them come out to the house too. Fair prices, really couldn’t ask for more from a plumbing company!

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