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7 Signs or Symptoms of Slab Leak Problems

Worried you might have a slab leak? A slab leak is a water pipe leak that takes place within a concrete slab which is also the foundation of the building. The water seeps into the concrete, up into your floor and outdoors too.

How do pipes break if they’re enclosed in concrete? Sometimes leaks are just pinholes in old copper pipes and sometimes they’re full-on breaks that occur as a result of shifting foundations. Whatever the case, slab leaks are not desirable and you’ll want to get help as soon as you notice one. How will you notice it? We’ll share our pro-tips for identifying slab leaks with you today.

Read through these 7 signs or symptoms of slab leak problems to find out what you’re dealing with. While some symptoms of slab leaks indicate a major problem, others may show that your leak is minor. Read on to learn all about the 7 signs of slab leaks.

Damp Spots Around Your Foundation

Sometimes water in a slab leak finds its way outside and leaves damp spots, even when it hasn’t rained. This sign usually indicates a sizable slab leak since it’s noticeable on the ground. If the soil around your foundation is completely saturated, then you have a larger problem. The more water you see outside, the larger the leak.

Buckling or Warped Floorboards

Sometimes you won’t notice a damp floor with puddles, but your floorboards will start to warp or buckle. If you have drywall, the areas close to the floor may start to warp and buckle as well as the moisture begins to affect them. This means that you’ve had a leak that has probably been going on for some time. Get help fast before more damage is done!

Damp Floor

If you have a damp floor or puddles, you probably have a slab leak. However, before you assume you have a leak, notice exactly how big it is and rule out other sources. Then, check back and see if the water spot grew. If it did, you definitely have a leak, and this is often one of the first signs of one. Call a professional to pinpoint it right away.

Warm Areas on Floor

If you notice differences in your floor temperature, you might have a slab leak. Warm spots indicate that you have a hot water leak. While there may be other causes of warm spots on your floor, a slab leak is definitely one of them. Check back after you first notice it to see if the problem persists. This can help you confirm a slab leak. Then, call a professional like Orange Coast Plumbing to get advice and to confirm the leak.

Sound of Running Water

If you can hear water running at night when no one is using water in your home, you might have a slab leak. If it’s loud enough that you hear it without straining to hear, then you have a pretty bad leak. Get a professional out to repair it as soon as possible.

Increase in Water Bill

If your water bill goes up inexplicably, it might be because you have a leak. As you might have guessed, the amount in increase shows you how serious the issue is. The greater the increase, the bigger the leak. Here’s a pro tip: keep track of your water spending throughout the year. This way you can compare your spending based on the time of year. For example, if you fill your pool in the summer, you’ll use more water during this season. So, by tracking your water usage, say between June one year and June the next, it’s more accurate than comparing from one month to the next in most cases.

Water Meter Spins

To check this sign, turn off all the faucets and toilets in your home. Then take a look at your water meter. If it continues to move, this means you have a leak. Check how fast it moves to see how big of a problem you’re dealing with. The faster your meter spins, the worse the leak.

It’s important to get leaks taken care of efficiently. Not only will it keep you from paying an excessive water bill longer than necessary, it will also prevent damage from occurring to your home. Water damage can cause damage to your floors, create the conditions for mold and mildew problems, and more.

When you need your slab leak fixed fast, call on the professionals at Orange Coast Plumbing for reliable service! No plumbing service in Orange County can beat our four decades of professional experience, commitment to customer satisfaction, and 24-hour availability. Contact us today!