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Heating System Innovations

Making fire with friction

Winter is here, which means that in most homes, the heat is on. For the most part, having the ability to heat our homes is a very good thing, but the increase it causes in the heating bill can be a shock. The market for domestic heating systems has taken an interesting turn in recent years. New technology is making it possible for close to 100% efficiency, meaning that no heat is wasted if your unit is properly maintained. But efficiency in delivery is now going to be complemented by efficiency in heat generation, as more energy efficient units are being developed. That is why companies in the heating industry are focusing the majority of their research and design on creating heating system innovations that reduce the cost of heating your home.

What are some of these heating system innovations? You might be surprised by how much the heating industry has changed in recent years. Read below to learn more about the latest technology transforming the way we heat our homes and businesses.

Local Warming

Also sometimes referred to as the personal cloud, this type of heating system has yet to hit the market. However, it is truly on the cusp of technological developments in the heating industry. Developers launched the local warming system in 2014, starting with commercial applications and then moving into residential use.

How does it work? Rather than heating or cooling an entire building, or even an entire room, the local warming uses sensors to determine where people are and concentrates the heat in that area. The same is true for how it cools.

The system itself is pretty costly as it uses high-tech elements and is still rather new to the market. However, it can reduce heating costs by up to 90% and is one of the most environmentally friendly options available. In terms of cost-benefit analysis, it is best for commercial application, though homeowners can benefit from it as well.

Energy Storage

A new approach to heating homes is using energy storage. While the concept seems odd at first, it is actually quite brilliant and has been put to use in extremely cold climates, such as those in Alaska and Northern Canada. How does it work?

Energy is stored in an energy storage tank during off hours when less energy is being consumed. Throughout the off-hours — generally at night — energy rates lower as consumption declines. The energy tank pulls in that energy and stores it for you to use during peak hours, effectively lowering your electric bill. There are similar systems for cooling, such as the Ice Bear, that can help you save year round.

The benefit to this system is that it makes sense even if you do not live in an area that requires you to turn the heat on for months at a time. No matter how much or how little you use, it will consistently save you money. While they are not the cheapest systems on the market, they are highly effective.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

While these pumps are not new — they have been in use since the 1940’s — their widespread application is fairly recent. They work by tapping into the temperature that lies a few feet below the earth’s surface. Here, the temperature remains consistent even when the temperature on the surface of the earth is at extremes.

The pump holds air that is then heated or cooled by the ground. Once the air reaches the proper temperature, it is brought up and dispersed into the home. This method of heating (and cooling) is incredibly affordable as it requires almost no energy to operate. And unlike the two methods above, it is something the average homeowner can afford.

Which Solution is Right for You?

You can lower your energy bills by switching to a more modern heating system. If you would like to learn more about innovative heating solutions, contact a local plumber. Here at Orange Coast Plumbing, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you select the system that is right for you.



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