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Why consider Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair avoids all the large scale excavating that traditional dig ups are known for.  With traditional dig ups the headache and cost of replacing expensive wood flooring or tile is minimized or even non-existent. Why deal with all the dirt, dust, and noise making an appearance while the excavation is going on when there isn’t a need for it.

Trenchless methods offer a way to replace the sewer line with continuous smooth pipe that does not allow the pipe to develop offsets or openings for roots to grow into.  Moreover, Trenchless methods reduce the immediate work area to only a few different zones as opposed to a large open ditch with support backfill or even shoring equipment taking up all the space. Let our experienced sewer experts give you the peace of mind of a properly pulled or lined sewer.

Pipe Bursting/Sewer Line Pulling

trenchless sewer repairAnother method of fixing a sewer line is to dig up the start of the problem line and the end of the problem line.  Afterwards, we burst the defective line using hydraulic equipment that at the same time is pulling new sewer line.

In the end, the holes are backfilled and covered leaving only those two points as evidence to the repair. This method is good for use in yards, under planters, expensive landscaping, and commercial buildings as the evidence of the work is easy to disguise or remove.  Unfortunately, in some homes it can be problematic to replace the flooring or match tile, nonetheless,  this method is still a viable option.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

The last method for fixing a sewer line doesn’t always require any digging, jackhammering, and leaves the floor untouched. First, we hydrojet the line to clean it of any debris. Next, we locate an existing cleanout or opening into the line, insert a special IAPMO approved hollow sleeve that will be hardened using a special epoxy resin and then expand the sleeve to conform to the shape of the original sewer line.  The end result leaves a new seamless line inside the old that works just as well as a new one.