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When is it Time for Home AC Replacement or Installation?

The Warning Signs of a Dying Air Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Orange Coast PlumbingConditioning System

Most people fail to follow the maintenance regimens recommended by their system’s manufacturer and their current cooling system begins to fail. The difficult question for any household is when is it the right time to replace the air conditioning system? On the one hand, you don’t want to give up on a central air system that’s still working. But you also don’t want to be without a functioning air conditioning unit when hot weather arrives. Once you get these warning signs from your A/C system, its time to give us a call.

The Age Of Your System

AC systems aren’t built to last forever. Though some cooling systems do last longer, the chances for problems increases and it may be to your benefit to upgrade to a newer, more efficient AC system. Most experts, including the officials at, say that an AC system that’s nearly 10 years old, or older, could be ripe for failure.

Spike In Utility Bills

Older cooling systems typically have lower SEER ratings than today’s systems, causing homeowners higher utility bills. If your cooling costs are rising without any change in usage patterns, the most likely culprit is an AC system struggling to cool your home.

Uneven Cooling

One of the most common complaints heard by owners is that they experience uneven levels of cooling in various parts of their home. Poor equipment operation could be the problem when different areas of your home are noticeably cooler than others.

If your heating system is struggling to keep your entire home cool, it may be a clear indication that its time to replace your aging heating system.

Signs Of Moisture

If you see signs of condensation in the duct system, moisture that wasn’t previously present is a sure sign that the system either needs to be fixed or replaced. In cooling system often more than ten years old, a few of the components no longer work at peak performance. This dramatically lowers the system ability to remove moisture.

Odd Noises

Are you noticing strange sounds coming from your cooling system or other loud noises that you’ve never heard before? Over time, vibrations that occur while the system is running may cause the joints inside the system to crack and leak. Sometimes, unusual noises also signal the need for repairs, but we’ll come out and let you never whether it’s time to buy a new system or not.

Frequent Repairs

A unit that is already beginning to show signs of failure will often need more and more repairs. Making the repairs to older air conditioning units can be quite expensive, as many air conditioning parts may have been discontinued. If you had to repair your cooling system on two or more occasions in the past year, it may be in poor condition and may need to be replaced.