4 Essential Tips for Selecting a New Hot Water Heater

The life expectancy of water heaters vary; there are older models that still stand proud at the age of 15, while a more recent model can fail early. A good repair man and proper maintenance can stretch your water heater’s service beyond its 10-year warranty. In some cases, consistent upkeep and servicing may not be [...]

10 Common Things You Should Never Flush or Put Down the Drain

There are some items you should never flush or try to send down the drain. Now, we know what you are thinking: you outgrew the stage of flushing non-flushable items when you were still a toddler. You use common sense, so you shouldn’t have any issues. But the truth is that there are many items [...]

Repair Guide – Is Your Wall / Window AC Unit Leaking Water?

Is your wall or window AC unit leaking water inside?  This problem can be especially frustrating if you have carpeting in the room where the unit is located, creating a damp spot and potentially ruining your carpet. Equally annoying is when the drip falls on slippery flooring, creating a hazard. In any case, water should [...]

Top 3 Causes of Leaks at the Bottom of Your Gas Hot Water Tank

Hot water heaters are workhorse appliances that undergo repeated use for years at a time. Eventually, these heaters will reach the end of their normal lifespan, or start developing premature problems that you should attend to sooner rather than later. Whether you own a unit powered by gas or electricity, one of the most common [...]

Eliminate Shivering in the Shower: How to Ensure Your Gas Water Heater is Working Properly

You step into the shower for a nice hot shower and enjoy a few minutes of steamy, relaxing water when all of the sudden the water goes cold! Or perhaps you never got any hot water to start with, and because you overslept, you end up taking a freezing cold shower. A cold shower can [...]

Cut Plumber Costs in Half with Sewer Drain Repairs using Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP)

Would you like to save money on your plumbing? Are there really that many ways you can cut plumbing costs? In general, not really. Aside from maintaining your system, there are few ways you can cut plumbing costs. But one of those few ways is to opt for sewer drain repairs using Cured-in-Place Pipe, commonly [...]

Top 3 Problems that Cause a Dual Flush Toilet to Constantly Run Water

A dual flush toilet is a fantastic option to save water and make your home more environmentally friendly. Giving you the option for a half flush or full flush at your discretion, you can lower your water consumption while still getting the job done.  However, like all toilets, they can present problems that mean the [...]